Meet the Characters

The journey is filled with interesting characters - each with their own story. Learn more about them here. This list is ever evolving. More characters will appear as they emerge in the story.

Aiyana D'Cyr

(Eye-Ah-Nah D-Seer)

Aiyana dreams of adventure, but when it finds her, is she ready? Her life has been half privilege, half shrouded in secret, and the two halves are about to meet. Will she embrace the light that is within her, or sink into the shadows from whence she came?

Fitch Prieten

(F-ich Pr-eye-ten)

Aiyana’s childhood best friend and co-conspirator, Fitch has a penchant for finding trouble – and dragging Aiyana into it. He has a noble heart, but must learn to think with his head and rein in his impulsive nature if he wants to survive the journey set before him.

Kellen D'Cyr

(Kell-in D-Seer)

Prince of Cyrea and older brother to Aiyana, along with his twin sister Kiele, Kellen has raised Aiyana from the time she was an infant. He is wise but with a cynical nature, and he is not quick to trust. He guards his sisters and their secrets.

Kiele D'Cyr

(Key-elle D-Seer)

The future queen of Cyrea, twin of Kellen and older sister to Aiyana, Kiele is distant, rarely involved in her younger sister’s life as she carries the burden of preparing to wear the crown.

High Prince Ehmai


High Prince of Earlis, he rules with strength and compassion. Second only to the High King, the High Prince commands an immortal army of Vaim warriors.



Handsome and charming, he seems set on winning Aiyana’s heart. But what future is there for a young man living as a servant, and a princess born to privilege?

Caellis Sidon

(Kay-lis Sigh-doh-n)

This dark and distant character has many secrets. He and Aiyana are bound together by ties not easily broken.



Friend or foe? A mercenary and warrior, he is drawn into Aiyana’s story. By who? And for what purpose?



Associate and apprentice to Caellis Sidon, Achan is hungry for power and whatever it takes to grasp it. 



Tasked with teaching Aiyana and the children of nobles in the palace, his seems an impossible task.

Queen Claris


The reigning queen of Cyrea and grandmother to Aiyana, Kellen and Kiele. She is wise and fair, but strict with her grandchildren.

Captain Cheven


Captain of the royal guard, Cheven expects excellence from his men and he’s stern with all. But he has a soft spot for Aiyana.

Talea Nisqa

(Tuh-lee-uh Nisk-uh)

Lady Tan Gallison